FRN Tools



My systems in Germany's DUS3 datacenter did take a big hit from a network outage.

I'm really sorry for every downtime but hardware failure is really nothing i can just know when it happens.

My router just died on my, that a 400$ piece of equipment that bit the dust there.

My fallback router is not that capable so expect a few seconds of reaction time, i'm already waiting for the new one wich is going to be deployed on 26 may 2020.

Thanks for hanging out, i'm on it ;)

Hello there and welcome !

Since the FRN System is kind of "not complete" i've set my mission to expanding it.

First of all i started to completely rewrite the "Who is Online" section.

It is operational now and can be used as you will:

I've written a JSON formatter as well, the file is generated every minute:

I'f you are brave enough, you can also get the RAW Data from FRN's Sysman here (but i highly discourage using it if you love yourself):

If you want a view of just your server use this URL and replace "" with your servers address:

If you have any question or need help, feel free to message me: chris AT chris MINUS the MINUS tuner DOT de

You can also reach me on the German RoIP Network "FreiesFunkNetz" Port: 10024 just try if TUNER is QRZ :)

A big thank you goes to all Partners in this Project: