FRN Tools


Hello there and welcome !

Since the FRN System is kind of "not complete" i've set my mission to expanding it.

First of all i started to completely rewrite the "Who is Online" section.

It is operational now and can be used as you will:

I've written a JSON formatter as well, the file is generated every minute:

I'f you are brave enough, you can also get the RAW Data from FRN's Sysman here (but i highly discourage using it if you love yourself):

If you want a view of just your server use this URL and replace "" with your servers address:

Also i work on an API that enables you to gather data the easy and standardized way, since FRN is everything but compliant with anything....

If you have any question or need help, feel free to message me: chris AT chris MINUS the MINUS tuner DOT de

You can also reach me on Fun-Funk: Port: 10024 just try if TUNER is QRZ :)

A big thank you goes to all Partners in this Project: